May. 2nd, 2012

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] moogsthewriter!

In honor of Moogs' big day, I offer a humble assortment of ficlets. By her request, all are for Castle with a decided Castle/Beckett slant and set in S1 (which is the only season I've seen so if canon veers off a bit, I apologize!). I know it's not as cool as the Avengers or anything but I hope it still makes you smile :)

Also, betas provided by [ profile] sendintheklowns. Remaining mistakes are my own.

Title: A Little Unwell
Summary: “I’m sick,” he says, as mournfully as he can.
Link: It starts out as a cough.

Title: One More Shot at Living
Summary: Castle likes dangers, finds danger, craves danger, and he always comes out on top. He does.
Link: It’s the kind of situation she’s thought about.

Title: Cuts Like a Knife (and Bleeds Right Through)
Summary: Just a criminal hiding at a crime scene that Castle probably shouldn’t be at, a single stab in the dark, and slow and inevitable death.
Link: It wasn’t a very interesting way to go.

Title: Going Forward in Reverse
Summary: When she’d last seen her mother, she’d already been killed. It had been the worst moment of her life. This, however, is coming in a close second.
Link: The mantra comes back to her, without conscious thought.

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