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I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but apparently I'm wordy, so it took me awhile.  Hopefully the format is clear.  Please let me know if there are any links that don't work or if there is a way this could be easier to use.

Supernatural Fic


All Creatures of Our God and King  It’s not the fall that kills you. It’s the sudden stop at the end.  Written for [livejournal.com profile] moogsthewriter (two parts, spoilers for S1-S4, angel-oriented).

Apocalypse Now (Absolution Later)  Dean learns that while the apocalypse is not awesome, his little brother just might be.  Written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love (post S4, five parts).

The Art of Losing Sometimes winning isn't what he gains but what he doesn't lose. (S2-ish, torture, three parts)

Between the Lines of Fear and Blame In the hunt for Lucifer, Sam is hurt and Dean has to embark on a quest to find his brother in more ways than one. (post S4, four parts)

Darkness Shall Follow  It doesn't matter who it is. It just matters that it's not both of them. That he's going to save one and probably condemn the other. This destroys him either way (preseries, five parts)

Devastation and Reform  The boys take on a string of mysterious maulings in Arizona but it seems like destiny may be catching up with them. (S2, AU before JIB, fifteen parts)

Eyes Wide Open  After a difficult hunt, Dean is forced to face one of his little brother’s secrets and gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. (S4, post Sex and Violence, two parts)

His Hand in Mine That’s what John is doing. Each hunt, each bit of research. He’s caring for the wound that’s seared into them as best he can. They all might scar, but it’ll heal. It’ll heal. Written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love (preseries, two parts)

Master of None Sam had been pretty sure his day couldn't get any worse.  He'd figured wrong.  Written for [livejournal.com profile] proj_nebula . Cowritten with [livejournal.com profile] sendintheklowns . (preseries, three parts)

My Own Funeral There had been two Deans. Sam had been so certain the one who had died was the shifter. Dean had been so Dean, but this was not his brother. Post Skin, written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love. (Two parts)

Of Guilt and Redemption When Sam pulled the trigger, it had been Ellicott's meddling that made him do it. When Dean ripped his brother's heart to shreds, he had no angry spirit to blame. (post Asylum/Scarecrow, two parts)

One of a Kind  Two Lorelais, Two Deans, and a Sam.  Crossover with Gilmore Girls. (preseries SPN, early S3 GG, eight parts)

The Other Side of the Story Dean realized that maybe every story had two sides. That maybe for everything he loved about the hunt, there was something to hate about it. For every time he relished offing a werewolf, there was risk of something worse-something like this. And just because he wanted to focus on the positive didn't mean that Sam was wrong for focusing on the negative. Set during S1. (four parts)

Our Beginnings Never Know Our Ends Dean wasn’t sure when it all started up again—somewhere between Kentucky and Maryland, maybe—but when Sam awoke screaming her name, he knew they had a problem. (S1/S2, two parts)

Rewritten Tragedy Pieces of evidence he would sift through, time and again in the coming years, trying to figure out what he could have done differently, how he could have prevented the outcome. (AU S2, spoilers for all S2 eps, two parts)

Schemes of Mice and Men Sam, Dean, a witch with bad taste, and even the best laid plans often go awry--especially for the Winchesters. (S1-ish, two parts)

Shock to the System  All three Winchesters are forced to learn a lesson that they won't soon forget. Cowritten with [livejournal.com profile] sendintheklowns as part of a Pay it Forward for [livejournal.com profile] pinkphoenix1985. (preseries, three parts)

Slow Fade  An encounter teaches Castiel, Dean, and Sam a little something about grace. (set S4, post Sex and Violence, two parts)

Suffer the Children (and the Geeks)  A haunted museum, a geeky little brother, and five missing children makes for an interesting hunt.  Written for [livejournal.com profile] geminigrl11 . (S2, ten parts)

Too Little, Too Late Reeling from their dad's death, both boys struggle to connect to each other again before it's all too little, too late.  A SFTCOL(AR)S Secret Santa Summer fic. (early S2, three parts)

When It Was Over Dean’s fought the good fight with the hope for peace when he is done. Sam’s fought and failed with the hope that someday, finally, he might just be done. (future fic, five parts)

Where Angels Sleep In the end, you're still dead. Heroes and wimps, bad guys and good guys, they all end up in the ground. There isn't glory in death. There's just death, no matter how you look at it. Written for [livejournal.com profile] sendintheklowns  birthday. (S2, two parts)

Wired One unlucky punch teaches all three Winchesters a lesson they won't forget. (preseries, four parts)


All I Want for Christmas When he looks at the clock, it says 1:14 and John realizes that at least one of them got what they wanted after all. (preseries)

All the Good Monsters Sam has always believed everything Dean says.  Tag to WTLB

Almost They almost talk about a lot of things. But the sound of the road is almost deafening, and the radio is turned up again, leaving them to their almost-thoughts in the dwindling afternoon. (S1)

Aptly Damned Sometimes we live for no one but ourselves. (post BDABR)

Battle Plans Dean is the general; Sam is the battlefield. (IMTOD)

Blowout Sam and Dean experience a blowout which affects more than the Impala's tire. (S1 ish)

A Boy and his Cast(s) Week in and week out, Sam's cast look surprisingly clean and new. Here's one take on why. (S2, through Playthings)

Choices Remain One split second decision, giving himself up--he can save them this way, and it’s a redemption so powerful that he wants to cry and laugh as he bleeds out on the floor. (missing scene to TSRTS)

The Cost of Living The day Dean was born, John put 100 dollars into a savings account. (preseries, DMB)

Crazy Chuck can’t decide how this story ends. Dean may be the hero. Sam may end up the villain. But this is more than a story. This is life, and these are people, and no matter how it turns out, Chuck knows that Dean may be the guy Chuck wants to be, but Sam’s the one who needs a friend, now more than ever. (TMATEOTB)

Darkness, My Old Friend Dean says he needs some time to figure this out. Sam needs time too. (Missing scene for Hunted)

The Day the Music Died In the end, he did it for love. (future AU, character death)

Death’s Other Kingdom Life before. Life after. Dean had seen so many turning points. But this one trumped them all. Before Sam fell. Before. And after. (future AU, tragedy)

The Deconstruction of Sam Winchester It’s not seeing Dean go to hell that makes Sam realize it’s over. (set S4, AU, dark themes)

The Definition of Insanity Most people say insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. Tag to Mystery Spot. (Written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

Dental Hygiene for Dummies Sam and Dean encounter a problem of the dental persuasion. (S2-ish)

Destiny Dean finds a reason to fight. (Missing scene Simon Said)

Don’t Be There  It ends in a warehouse in southern Louisville. (AUish/apocalypse-ish/tragedy-ish)

Don’t You Wish it Was the Easter Beagle, Sam Winchester? Sam and Dean encounter a problem of the bunny variety. (S1)

Drive It’s wrong that the last time they saw each other, they hugged and fought side by side, and this time it’s been orders and need to know and just like it used to be. (missing scene to DMB, written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

End Like This It isn’t supposed to end like this. It does anyway. (Post S5)

Esau Have I Hated Don't worry. I'm going to make you all better. (Missing scene from Asylum)

Existential Bunnies Sam, Dean, and Watership Down. (S1 humor)

Everything Worth Living For That being brothers was more than just a word. It was more than a duty, more than a promise. It was what they did, who they were. It was everything. Everything worth dying for. Everything worth living for. (post NRFTW)

Fallen Man’s Praise It could be the end of the world; it probably is, but Sam doesn't quite know how to care. (post AHBL2)

Fifty Miles They're about fifty miles from Cold Oak when Dean remembers how to think. (post AHBL1)

Five Heroes that Fell Even heroes have their breaking points, and whether they fall off the pedestals or you break them on your own, fallen heroes are much the same in the end. (S5, post Fallen Idols)

Five Lies Sam Told Dean Maybe all those truths are forgivable, maybe not, but he still leads off with a lie, which might condemn him more than anything else. (S4, post Sex and Violence)

The Flash of Light on a Burial Shroud Sometimes there is no right and wrong, there’s just wrong and worse, and Sam has to pick between the lesser of two evils. Expanded scene for ITGPSW. (written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

Focus Dean struggles to keep his focus while fleeing from the demon. (Missing scene Devil's Trap)

Frozen Fears While trying to stay alive and warm after a hunt leaves them stranded, 18-year-old Sam and 22-year-old Dean discover something about each other. (Preseries)

Hanging by a Moment Bad luck follows the boys on Dean's coveted night off. (S2-ish)

Heat of the Moment It’s the heat of the moment again. It’s going to happen again. Dean’s going to die. Sam’s going to do everything he can and it’s not going to be enough. It’s going to be like this forever. (tag to Mystery Spot)

Hold on Tight to Your Dreams Cowritten with [livejournal.com profile] sendintheklowns . AU  for WIAWSN with a limp!Sam twist. 

Holding Out for Tennessee Ten-year-old Sammy wakes up in the backseat of the Impala to find the car in the ditch.  Written for the h/c meme. (preseries)

Hopping Down Memory Lane Sam belated learns the fate of one his closest friends. (random S1 humor)

It Scares Me Sometimes Protectiveness isn't just a trait for big brothers. (S2-ish)

It's Not Who You Are (It's What You Do That Matters) One last choice, and this one will define him forever, because he thinks it’s the last thing he’ll ever do. (spoilers up through 5.22)

Just for Kicks A second sooner, an inch lower, and Sam wouldn’t have even been fazed. Written for the SFTCOL(AR)S Bunny Contest. (S3)

The Last Laugh Sam looks at his hands, and shifts in his seat. They don’t celebrate their hunts anymore. They don’t even stop to crack open a beer and kick back for the night. They just load their gear, adjust the mirrors and get the hell out of dodge. (Tag to Ghostfacers)

The Last Line Sam says yes in a rundown street in Detroit. Spoilers for 5.04.

Learning to Breathe Sam can’t breathe and reflects on how that struggle has haunted him all his life. (S1)

Let Sleeping Little Brothers Lie Dean knew that he shouldn't mess with witches. Especially not vengeful ones with a sense of humor. (S2)

The Light That's Burning Up Inside Dean looks at the light and looks at Sam and wants to forget but can only remember.  (post Lucifer Rising)

Lightning Bugs Sam and Jess and a summer night.  (preseries)

Love Lies Bleeding All in all, the night pretty much sucked out loud. All their good luck was for naught, and Sam's bad luck left him bruised, with a high motel bill, and a need for some clothes shopping to replace the jeans and shoes. And that wasn't counting the freakin' gunshot wound. (post BDABR)

Not This Time Even ten seconds of unconsciousness in water could make a difference. A life and death difference. (Set S3, written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love

Nothing is With Thee Because a year ago Sam made a promise, a desperate, foolish, damn Winchester promise, and he's not sure he's ready to let that go just yet. (post LR)

Of Toilets and Tantrums Little Sammy needs to learn how to use the toilet like a big boy, but things are never easy for the Winchesters. (preseries)

On the Other Side of You Jessica talked to him most nights. Her choice of conversation seemed normal. They were the kinds of things he would have expected from his brother’s girlfriend, and sometimes Dean almost forgot she was dead at all. (S1)

On the Outside He doesn’t know the name of the motel. He doesn’t know what city he’s in. He just knows the night is edging toward its climax and his only goal is to hold on until morning. Tag to 5.02.

Once There was a Thing Called Spring Dean curses again. At the weather, at the flowers, at the baby bunnies. At Sam and spring and Dean's horrible bad luck. (written for the Sam, Monthly March contest at [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

One Man's Burden, Another Man's Blessing Dean was right. About so much. About saying no, about holding out. About Team Free Will. But he's also been wrong. (post DSOTM, speculative AU)

One Week It's been a week since the exorcism, a week since Sam was not Sam, a week since they both knew a version of hell on earth. (post BUaBS)

The One Who's Leaving Dean understands that no matter who left who, he’s alone again, and he’s not sure what to do. (missing scene to Scarecrow)

The Pain is Worth the Thunder Sam spends two years being scared. Then one day, Sam gets angry. (Post 5.22)

The Persistence of Memory Sam wants his brother to be happy. He just wishes it didn’t hurt so much to see Dean have the things Sam missed. (Post Route 666, written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

Picking Your Battles Sam faces bullies and Dean learns that there's more to fighting than throwing fists (preseries)

A Picture is Worth Sam has heard a picture is worth a thousand words. (S1/preseries)

Prayers to Broken Stone Blind faith could take many forms. Desperation did that to a man. It didn't take a Stanford education to figure that one out, but it certainly had taken Dean long enough. Tag to Long Distance Caller. (post LDC)

Promised Winchesters made promises. Usually promises they couldn't keep. (Post ABHL2)

Promises and Protection It’s a promise that Dean can’t keep and that Sam can’t fail at.  (AU for Playthings)

Sam, Uninhibited The drugs are nice. (missing scene to Sam, Interrupted for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

Seeing Stars Dean asks if he believes in angels and God and Lucifer, and Sam has to pause, because his head hurts, his conscience aches, and all he sees are stars. (post AYTG)

A Sign of the Times Sam can see the future. (missing scene for Salvation, written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

Someone to Believe Sam’s sitting outside the panic room and he’s trying to find a way to keep Dean from saying yes. (missing scene PONR for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

Sooner or Later Prayer does not change God, but changes him who prays. (Preseries)

The Sound of Silence Sam didn't talk about Jessica. (S1)

Sprawling on a Pin It wasn't fair that the definition of family was so limited, so confined to one thing and one thing only. That Sam had to choose between himself and his family. That anything Sam wanted, that he needed, would never fit in the context of who they were. (preseries)

The Stars Go Waltzing Mary has always been a girl who knows what she wants. (technically preseries, spoilers for ITB)

Stillness Nothing mattered. Not in this stillness, not in this night, not when it was just him and Dean in two nondescript beds, alone and together, united and separated. (early S3)

Stuck in a Moment Hunters died on the hunt, from ghosts or monsters or demons. They drank themselves to death in backwater bars or lonely hotel rooms. But they really didn’t stand stupidly in front of cars and let themselves get run over. Set S1

Surprise Dean thought nothing could surprise him. He learns the hard way how not true that is. (S2 ish?)

Synchronicity It was so simple but so effective. As long as you remembered to drop. (early S1)

That's What Family is For Dean and Sam reflect on their changing understanding of family. (S4, tag to Jump the Shark)

There But for the Grace of God And, just for a moment, watching his brother sleep in a lonely motel room, Dean understands. Post S4

These Days Mercy Cuts So Deep Dean still keeps his promise. (post 5.22)

This Valley of Dying Stars Sam's been in near death situations before. (missing scene to DT, written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

To Bounce of Not to Bounce Six-year-old Dean and two-year-old Sam pass an afternoon in a motel room. (preseries)

Together "We go together, Dean, it's just a question of where." A story about Sam and Dean and unconditional love. (future AU)

Unsaid Promises I don't think I own anything in life, much less the wonders of Sam and Dean. (post CSPWDT)

Whiskey and Sympathy It's two in the afternoon and Sam needs a drink. (DALDOM missing scene)

Winchesters Don't Get Sick Brothers, in sickness and in health, and Dean wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world. (Written for Twinny as part of a SFTCOL(AR)S gift exchange.)

A World that's Lost its Meaning Sam knows what it’s like to have everything you want, to hold it so close, to touch it, feel it, have it. He knows what it’s like to cherish it at a price, to trade the truth for safety--for the illusion of safety. Tag to WIAWSN. (written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)

The Worst Part of These Winters Sam's always been the selfish one. (set S5, written for a h/c meme on [livejournal.com profile] ohsam)

You Can Never Go Home (When You Have No Home to Go To) It’s not an easy thing, walking away. (tag for Wendigo, written for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love)



Heart and Green




Why Sam Winchester Deserves to be a Hero

Supernatural Thoughts A reflection on the show's progression in mid S5.

One Man's Heaven Thoughts on Sam, Heaven, and Family. S5, post DSOTM and ep 100.

Hawaii Five-0 fic

The Break-Even Point Turk knows that reality is mostly perception, and the fact is he doesn't know how to separate Danny Williams from Turk Malloy anymore. The lines are blurred and the guise is deeper than the reality. He's not one or the other, but he's a little of both. H50/Oceans crossover. (six parts)

The Eleventh Hour This was all Steve's fault. The entire case had been Steve's idea, after all. And now, here they were. Handcuffed to chairs, back to back, in a deserted warehouse, in the Middle of Nowhere, Hawaii, with two idiots holding guns threatening them. (season 1, 11 parts)

Giving and Taking There was giving and there was taking, and even if they gave each other a hard time, that was exactly how they wanted it. Tag to 1.11.

Harder than Football Danny, Grace, and a day on the beach.

Home for Christmas All in all, Danny’s apartment is a piss poor excuse for holiday cheer and Danny will need an honest to God miracle if he’s going to salvage Christmas for his daughter at all. Tag of sorts to 1.12.

Incomprehensible Danny’s a walking contradiction, a strange amalgamation of disparate ideals that Steve is still trying to figure out. (500 word drabble, references to eps 1.01-1.05)

Interagency Cooperation So how they ended up in Hawaii, defending cops who didn’t trust them, with their entire careers on the line is still a little mind-boggling. (crossover with Chaos) Left in the Cold It doesn’t snow in Hawaii, but flu season still makes the rounds. (S1)

Logical Consequence Facts are facts, and Danny’s too good of a cop to ignore the conclusions that come from that. (S1)

May 18, 1996 May 18, 1996 was a record he was proud of, even more than his string of closed cases back in Jersey, and Danny was not going to throw up.

More to the Story Steve just wants an evening to relax, but Danny has other plans. Tag to 1.16.

Nine Tenths of the Law Shawn and Gus vacation in Hawaii and meet some of the locals. (Psych/H50)

Not Just Going Through the (Hand) Motions Because Danny used a lot of words, but he said more of what really mattered with his hands. Steve just had to learn to listen.

Of Partners and Superheroes This is what Danny gets: a thunderstorm, a plane, a private airport asleep for the night, an overshot runway, and no one around for miles except his smart-ass partner.

Piece by Piece If Rachel doesn’t walk away, she’ll have nothing left for Danny, nothing left for Grace, nothing left at all. (500 words, spoilers for 1.10)

Plausible Deniability If being asked to risk his life on a daily basis was annoying, being told he wasn't allowed to risk himself when he was clearly committed to doing so was infuriating. Missing scene to 1.12.

The Reason Danny hates the beach, but he loves Grace.

Reasons to Hate Hawaii Danny keeps mental lists. Some are longer than others and some mean a whole lot more. Some mean everything. (early S1)

Sail Away Steve was scared. He was scared the day Hesse called him, the day his father died. He was scared of losing what little he'd gained, scared of failing his partner right when he'd started to figure out what it meant at all. (S1)

A Simple Fix Danny helps Steve pick up the pieces; Steve returns the favor. Tag to 1.10.

Starting from Scratch Danny and Steve have a talk after the events of 1.07.

Stupidity Danny does something stupid, and Steve's not about to let it slide. (500 word drabble, references to 1.01-1.04)

Time It Was (And What a Time It Was) The chairs have been there longer than Steve has. (spoilers for 1.01)

What to Expect Danny, Steve and a bundle of joy. (S2 crack, mpreg-ish)

Where There's Smoke Steve was still staring at the door, waiting for the other shoe to fall. (Missing Scene 1.08)

The Hardest Part Drabble series

The Hardest Part They say waiting is the hardest part. (500 word drabble, prompt "guilt" from [livejournal.com profile] hawaii_5_0_100)

Equilibrium Kono tries to find her balance. (500 words, prompt "wave")

The Big Picture It’s a masterpiece or a tragedy--Chin’s not sure which. (400 words, prompt "paint")

Hold On It’s a nightmare. (500 words, prompt "nightmare")

If Anything Steve’s had his eyes on the prize for so long that he never saw the simple dangers that lurked just beneath the surface. (500 words, prompt "jellyfish")

No Way Out Kono's done this before, but somehow it doesn't seem feel it. (500 words, prompt "escape")

Naturally Chin’s always been destined to be a cop. (500 words, prompt "betrayal")

The Last Thing Because with four perps carrying four guns and a frenetic gunfight to use said guns, someone getting shot is one of those inevitable things. (500 words, prompt "miracle")

Gilmore Girls Fic

Five Times Dean Does the Wrong Thing Dean believes Rory's the best thing that ever happened to him, and maybe that's something he'll never doubt, even if he really should.

One of a Kind Two Lorelais, Two Deans, and a Sam.  Crossover with Supernatural. (eight parts)

No Good Deed So maybe that's why when Dean says Rory's name at his bachelor's party, it hits Luke like a ton of bricks. Because this is Dean's bachelor's party, the party the night before his wedding. His wedding to a girl who wasn't Rory.

Redemptive!Dean verse

Through the Grapevine By the time Luke hears it, it's old news. Really old news. Year-old news, actually.

Happily Ever After His life was just his, and it was time to start living it because, really, it was the happily ever after that mattered and that was the only part that wasn’t written yet. (post "The Party's Over")

A Shocking Turn of Events Luke just wanted to have his outlet fixed. But when Dean Forester turns out to be the fix-it guy, Luke gets more than he bargained for. (two parts)

The Scenic Route After about two seconds with her mouth open and her eyes fixed, though, she recognized him.  The ski-jump nose, the long face.  Oh, God.  Dean Forester.  She'd just checked out Dean Forester. (two parts)

For the First Time This is Lindsay’s life and it’s all she knows. (companion piece to Summer Project)

Summer Project written by [livejournal.com profile] sendintheklowns .  Added here for verse continuity.  Luke Danes, Dean Forester, and a game of softball.  What could possibly go wrong? (two parts)

Sometimes You Do All that Mattered was that Rory Gilmore was slowly, painfully, finally going home. (forty parts)

The Ever-Growing Itch Rory liked to talk, but after a month of dating? She was a little talked out. More than a little talked out. So talked out, she might take a pledge of muteness if she could just get Dean to scratch her ever-growing itch. (four parts)

Pro/Con And if we keep waiting, next thing you know, your swimmers are low in numbers and my eggs are hit and miss and we're wanting to shop in the cabbage patch and settling for cats.

Rob Thurman/Cal Leandros/Chimera

Blood and Trust Cal never would have wanted this, never wanted to live like this. That hardly made it easier to accept--his brother's blood, literally on his hands. (Missing scene Nightlife)

A Broken Promise By this point in Cal's life, he really should have learned that sometimes it just didn't pay to wake up. There was always something bad waiting for him. Too bad he never remembered that until after he woke up. (post ??)

From Theory to Application Stefan had nothing left. He had given all he had to save Michael, to keep himself. He had not been wholly successful, but his fight was over. For better or worse, he had played every card he had and now he just had to hope it was enough. (Missing scene Chimera)

Into the Bolivian Sunset Stefan and Michael have made a life for themselves away from the Institute, but that doesn't mean they can leave it all behind just yet. (post Chimera)

The Monster You Know Cal and Niko lose each other.  Again. (post Madhouse, five parts)

Twilight Fic (with a strong emphasis on the wolves--Seth and Jacob in particular)

Getting a Life Seth just remembers looking up at the world and thinking wow, how awesome might this be. (set roughly in Eclipse)

Singing in the Dead of Night A year after the Volturi leave Forks in tentative peace, Jacob struggles with the new found rhythm of his life. (set after BD, four parts)

Psych fic

Jumping on Cars with Criminals Maybe this was a little more serious than Shawn had thought, because running around for hours and jumping on the hood of moving cars with untreated bullet wounds was dangerous, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it? (tag to "Shawn Takes a Shot")

A Mess You'd Wear With Pride Shawn’s never completed anything in his life, and sometimes now seems like a hell of a time to start. (spoilers heavy through S3-S5 "One, Maybe Two, Ways Out")

Nine Tenths of the Law Shawn and Gus vacation in Hawaii and meet some of the locals. (Psych/H50)

Somewhere Between Unsure and a Hundred Gus couldn't say for sure, but he was fairly confident that this was not going to be a good day. Tag to "One, Maybe Two Ways Out." (one shot)

Date: 2011-02-08 06:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] faye-dartmouth.livejournal.com
I think I've had the header for a few months at least. I really can't remember anymore--I probably put it together sometime in the fall. I needed something to show my newly diversified interests :)

Merlin is hard to find good fic for--I make no promises, but I have a few more I need to post sometime whenever I get my act together. A lot of the fandom is pretty slashy, which just isn't my cup of tea.

And I also have one more pretty epic Chimera fic I need to polish sometime, so it's nice to know there's some interest for such things :)

Anyway, it's good to hear from you! And happy reading!

Date: 2011-02-09 06:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ghostfour.livejournal.com
*Nod* yeah, having that same issue with Merlin fic myself. I'm just not much of a ship fan, be it straight ship or slash.

Very much an audience for Chimera fic from me. :) Just hearing you have a long one in the works is...yey! (I need some suportive brotherly fiction. really. A lot.)

I do love the new header. I'm still amazed by your artwork. :)

Off to enjoy more fic. :) thanks!

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