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A/N: And this is it. I always hate posting the last chapter of a fic. I'm always afraid of not tying things up write, and of missing the fic when it's over. The entire process is oddly addictive and I truly appreciate everyone who read and reviewed this one. I hope it was an adequate b-day gift, Gem. You deserve the best :) Thanks again to Tyranusfan and to sendintheclowns who helped make this possible. Until next time!

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A/N: I can't believe we're in the second to last chapter! Thanks all for reading and reviewing and for just generally making me smile. Hurting the boys is more fun when you have an audience :) All notes and disclaimers in chapter one.  Oh, and the Latin was provided by sendintheclowns who found it, um, somewhere :)

Previous chapters found here.

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A/N: We're in the home stretch here--so I hope the action doesn't disappoint. I've been trying to keep up with review replies, but if I somehow forgot you, please, don't take it personally! I will try to catch up with the rest tonight. I totally appreciate the support on this one--it makes all the stress and time on this story SO worthwhile. Still thanks to Tyruanusfan and sendintheclowns for their continued support. All other notes and disclaimers in chapter one.

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A/N: Thanks to everyone who is sticking with this. I hope the balance between the boys works out okay--I worked hard on it, and I'm not sure it worked out. I know I'm partial, so I'm not always the best judge :) All other notes in disclaimers in chapter one.


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Title: Suffer the Children (and the Geeks) 6/10

A/N: Thanks all for the kind words. I hope this next installment doesn't disappoint.  This is still for

[profile] geminigrl11, who is likely the most awesome person alive. 


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Title:  Suffer the Children (and the Geeks) 5/10

A/N: I'm so glad that people are still reading despite the somewhat OC-focus. More action is to come in this chapter, I promise :) Next update will be later--I'm out of town for the weekend visiting a very cool friend, but I'll get the next one up as soon as I can. All other notes and disclaimers in chapter one.

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Title:  Suffer the Children (and the Geeks) 4/10

A/N: The trick with any fic where the boys are separated is how to make them each meaningful and not seem separated. I really hope I didn't screw up the balance. And OCs abound in this chapter, but they're kids. You can't hate kids, can you? The b-day girl's request was Sam interacting with kids. That should explain this chapter some :) See chapter one for other notes and disclaimers.

Chapter One

Chatper Two

Chapter Three

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Title:  Suffer the Children (and the Geeks) 3/10

A/N: The plot picks up a bit more in this part. All notes and disclaimers in part one :)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Suffer the Children (and the Geeks) 3/10 )
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Title:  Suffer the Children (and the Geeks) 2/10

A/N: This chapter is heavy on plot stuff--kind of a necessary bridge to the more interesting stuff later to come. So I hope this isn't too boring of a chapter. And, yes, there's an OFC but don't fret too much about her. She's mostly a plot contrivance. Thanks to all who reviewed chapter one :) All other notes and disclaimers in the first chapter.

Chapter One

Chapter Two )
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Title: Suffer the Children (and the Geeks) 1/10

Summary: A haunted museum, a geeky little brother, and five missing children makes for an interesting hunt.

A/N: This fic is for my beloved beta,

[livejournal.com profile] geminigrl11. For all that you've done for me over the past year and a half, a fic doesn't seem like much. But I know life's sucked lately, and if this can at all perk you up, I've done what little I can :)



A/N 2: I have to thank two people for helping me get this fic to completion. First of all, Tyranusfan did the fastest beta for a fic this size that I could even imagine. I'm glad that he decided not to hate me, even while he was tackling page 55 at one AM. His attention to detail totally helped clean up my plot difficulties and character inconsistencies. Also, there are no words for how much sendintheclowns did for this piece. She held my hand through the ENTIRE process, from conceptualizing it, to doing random Google research, to helping me NOT freak out when I couldn't make myself write. She deserves a TON of credit for her work on this and I'm pretty sure I now owe her my firstborn child.

Disclaimer: I own nothing! I mean, I did make up some OCs in this one, but the heart of the fic--all things Sam and Dean--are sadly not mine. They're on loan to Gem for the day anyway :)

Suffer the Children (and the Geeks) )

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