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Sometimes You Do

All that mattered was that Rory Gilmore was slowly, painfully, finally going home.

part of the Redemptive!Dean 'verse

Rating: PG-13

Characters/Pairing: Rory, Dean, Lorelai, Luke, et. al., Rory/Dean

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] geminigrl11, [livejournal.com profile] piratelf, and [livejournal.com profile] sendintheklowns.

CHAPTER 1-10 // CHAPTERS 11-20 // CHAPTER 21-30 // CHAPTERS 31-40
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A/N: Okay. So, here it is. The conclusion. First of all, I'd like to reiterate my thanks to those who helped me complete this story. Namely, [livejournal.com profile] geminigrl11 for the beta, which was quite an undertaking, and [livejournal.com profile] sendintheklowns for the continual cheerleading throughout the process. Also, special thanks to Piratelf, who gave me advice when I needed it. And mostly, to anyone who has spent time reading this, I truly appreciate it. This took a lot of time to write and post so it's good to know that it wasn't all in vain. I do hope to create a master post of this fic and include some art and lyrics associated with this fic, so maybe look for that early next week, say, around Tuesday :)

A/N: This fic is part of a larger verse, which I do hope to continue. However, I have no idea when I will complete the next fic, so I can't give a good idea of when that will be, but I do hope that when I do get something else up, that I'll see you all again :)

Funny thing about life. )
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A/N: And now it's time to hear what Dean has to say. Before anyone freaks out one way or another, just remember there's one more chapter to go :) Earlier parts here.

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A/N: Okay, so one more chapter without Dean and then I promise, we'll get some resolution about where Rory and Dean end up. But there are a few loose ends that I wanted to tie up in this chapter, so hopefully you'll all bear with me. Thanks! Previous parts here.

It sounded well and good to have a party. )
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A/N: So Rory's decision is made. But is Dean's? We have a few more chapters to see :)  Previous stuff here.



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A/N: Review replies are behind but if I didn't post now, I'd be late, so I'll do replies this weekend. As for this chapter, major plot point ahead. And Madbyme, your speculation a bit ago was uncanny--you'll see :) Thanks all!  Previous stuff here.


Rory figured she could probably spend a good couple of weeks, months maybe, killing time. )


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A/N: Not much Dean, but some important Rory stuff. Major decisions will come in the next chapter--I promise :) Thank you!  Previous parts here.


She had a preliminary interview with the Chicago Tribune. )


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A/N: Rory's getting closer to making her decision :) Review replies will be forthcoming hopefully today. Thank you!  Previous chapters here.


Another Friday night, another weekly interrogation. )


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A/N: I'm still working on review replies. Not much Dean in this chapter but a good helping of Luke and Lorelai. For anyone who was wondering what was up between them, I think this is the closest this story gets to explaining my take on it. Rory's got some pondering to do, so more important decisions will be coming up very soon, though this chapter doesn't quite get us there yet. Thanks!  Previous parts here.

Also, a very happy birthday to

[livejournal.com profile] pinkphoenix1985 !



One of the nice things about Stars Hollow was that there was always a distraction. )


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A/N: Ack, I almost forgot to post! So I'm sorry this is late and that I haven't done review replies. I wish I had more of an excuse rather than life is just really busy, but that's the best I have. I can't believe we're reaching the home stretch with this one--thanks to everyone for the lovely reviews :) You all make me very happy.  Earlier stuff here.


When her mother found her a few hours later, Rory had gorged herself on half the pan of brownies and an unhealthy portion of the ice cream. )


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A/N: So where does Rory go from here? Some readers have speculated about stuff to come in this chapter, though I can say this was written a long time ago :) Thanks!  Earlier parts here.


That night, she walked him home. )


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A/N: I had to get this up now or I wouldn't get it up until after the weekend. This means reviews have not been replied to as of yet, but I will work on it over the weekend. They are all appreciated :) There is much Dean in this chapter, so I hope you all like it.  Previous stuff here.


As much as she resented Nancy's insinuations regarding Dean, that didn't mean that Rory was oblivious to eveyrthing the woman had said. )


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A/N: Okay, so this isn't the most exciting chapter of the bunch but it's an important one for Rory's thought processes as she sort of figures out what she's trying to do with her life. We're reaching the home stretch here :) Thank you!  Previous parts here.



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A/N: So what is Rory to do with 20,000 dollars? And with Dean? There's so much left to tell! Anyway, thanks all :)  Previous parts here.


It took her mother exactly two seconds into their trip home before she asked. )


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A/N: I had the choice of either posting this a day late with all my replies done or posting today with none of them done. I chose today :) I will get to review replies tonight or tomorrow at the latest and I'll just say I'm so grateful for all of them! It means so much to have readers on a fic of this length, so I want to say I appreciate them greatly :)  Earlier parts here.



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A/N: Rory had quite the go of it last chapter--as much as I agree with her, I'm not sure Dean's going to take it so well... Thanks!  Previous parts here.



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