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A/N: And this is it. I feel like this resolved rather fast, probably too much so, but endings are never easy, especially in a fic this long. Hopefully it isn't too disappointing. Any similarities to Jus in Bello are in fact coincidental. I had all of the Henricksen stuff done far before that. Thanks to my betas, Tyranusfan and Rachelly, for all their work. And thanks to sendintheclowns who honestly is the best person ever when it comes to supporting my writing. She's invested as much time in this fic as I have, I'm pretty sure. And lastly thanks to all who have read and reviewed :) If anyone enjoyed this, then it's been worth it.  Previous parts here.

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A/N: Almost done with this one! Hopefully the action here is satisfactory because this is kind of the climax of the this whole thing. Hopefully the boys come through it in one piece... :)  Previous parts here.

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A/N: Just two chapters after this. I'm looking forward to being done with it! Thank you to those who read and review :) And sendintheclowns who is far, far too nice to me. And to graham crackers for being the most amazing things EVER.  Previous parts here.

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A/N: This chapter is a bit slower...but it's some necessary transition that will build to a final climax. There's not much more to go in this fic. Hopefully it's not too redundant :)  Previous chapters here.

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A/N: I think things are probably going to have to get worse for these two before they get better. They're just so much fun to torture--it's really not my fault. Anyway, thank you to those who take the time to comment. And yes, last chapter I said Minnesota instead of Milwaukee. It's corrected now :)  Previous parts here.

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A/N: Remember it's all still AU and hopefully not redundantly so. Thanks for those who review--it's about the only thing that helps me remember I'm still posting this fic :)  Previous parts here.

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A/N: Just keep in mind this is all decidedly AU now and it was written before Jus in Bello ever aired. All other notes of importance in chapter one :)  Previous parts here.

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A/N: Well, I'm not sure Dean made the choice you might have wanted him, too, but he's a little freaked and backed into a corner at the momnet, so don't reprimand him too much :) Continued thanks to those who are reading.  Previous chapters here.

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A/N: And it's action! Craziness, I know. Anyway, love to Rachelly and 

[profile] sendintheklowns and [profile] geminigrl11 for the yaks and the encouragement and more yaks, respectively :)  And Tyranusfan for the patient beta.  Previous chapters here.


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A/N: I hope this chapter reads a bit more excitingly. It should be picking up from here on out :)   Previous chapters here.

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A/N: Last chapter before things really start happening. Thanks to those who review--it means a lot :) Continued thanks to 

[profile] sendintheklowns and Rachelly, who are my cheerleaders extraordinaire. Even when I don't like what I write, they always seem to. All other notes in chapter one.  Previous chapters here.


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A/N: Not much new to say. Just a reminder of the late S2 context. Thanks :)  Previous chapters here.

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A/N: More exposition! It never ends! Thanks to those of you sticking with it :) After this week's ep, the rest of this fic is quite definitely AU, but like I've said, I started this too long ago to abandon. So I hope you humor me. Also keep the late S2 mindset for the boys when reading this fic. Oh, and this story deals a little with a Native American ritual. It has some minimal basis in reality, but it is mostly made up. It is not my intention to offend anyone. All other notes and disclaimers in chapter one.  Previous chapters here.

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A/N: Thanks to all who replied to chapter one. I know it's a lot of set up, and there's more to come. But if anyone knows my writing, then they can know what to expect later and I promise it will get there. Eventually :) The boys are just doing a lot of legwork in this fic and for some reason I couldn't cut it. All other notes and disclaimers in chapter one.

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Title: Devastation and Reform

Summary: The boys take on a string of mysterious maulings in Arizona but it seems like destiny may be catching up with them. Set late Season 2.

A/N: I started this fic over a year ago but I kept writing some, then putting it off in favor of other fics. When the dumb thing finally got to be over 50,000 words long, I figured I should probably just knuckle down and finish this thing, regardless of how I felt about. It's not my favorite piece of writing, nor is it likely my best, but hopefully it won't be too utterly horrific. I wanted to get it out before they resolved the FBI storyline, since this fic largely deals with that. So though it won't all be posted before Thursday's ep, just know I wrote all of this before seeing it, so it will become quite obviously AU in a few days anyway. Other things to keep in mind: it's set late S2, so small references for everything up until AHBL1.  Also, this starts out slow, but hopefully you'll stick with me as I take a trip into exposition.

A/N2: Much thanks goes to Tyranusfan for the beta, because I know he spent a lot of time on it. Also thanks to Rachelly who says she's never beta'ed before, but it's hard to believe because she's quite good at it. And thanks goes to sendintheclowns who has been with me literally every step of the way. She is a huge reason this got written, so all complaints can be sent to her :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. No jokes.

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