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I've come to decide these things are pointless. I'm not overly interesting and no one really cares, so we'll leave it at that :)

Things of note about what is found on this journal. It's almost all fic and/or icons, though I occasionally will throw in a meta, but not much beyond that. There's a great deal of Supernatural to be had here, but I've been branching out a lot lately to fandoms such as Psych, Merlin, Gilmore Girls, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains, Twilight, and Hawaii 5-0 (and some Ocean's 11 by extension). My muse is rapidly shifting and right now is quite content on all things James Murray, including the short-lived show CHAOS and Primeval.

I'm hugely into all things h/c and most of my stories are gen or utilize an established canon pairing (perhaps Shawn/Juliet or Rory/Dean or even Bella/Edward in my crazy moments).

As for friending, I have no hard and fast rules. Friend or defriend as you see fit--unless you tell me, I probably won't notice. If you do ask to friend, I will invariably say yes and ask to friend you back as a general default.

Also, I make icons. I have no delusions of grandeur here, but since I want to make sure that I'm not giving credit where it's due, I'll just note that I get (or have gotten) my screen caps from.

For Supernatural, I've relied on:

Home of the Nutty
Screencap Paradise
Oxoniensis Caps
Supernatural TV

For my other fandoms (i.e. Harry Potter, Royal Pains, Firefly/Serenity, White Collar, Merlin, Hawaii Five-0, Covert Affairs, Oceans Eleven, Chuck, Primeval, and Psych) I've used the following resources:

Robert Pattinson UK Fan Site
sweetcase / little_son
Can't Take the Sky
Leave Me the White
Christopher Gorham fansite
Swanee's Place
Frak That
All Things James Murray

As for other things I use for them, most of it came with Photoshop Elements that I own. I have downloaded several fonts from the following: Melissa Baxter (Wayneboro, Lemonade, Daisy), Miss Tiina (Lexi, Frozen) and Karen Hunt (Schmoopsie). These can be found on

Extra brushes I've downloaded so far come from Miss Tiina and Karen Hunt (see above link) as well as some from (such as Seeds and Swirls). Recent additions include Date Stamps, Love Me, and Take a Note by Karen Hunt.

I have also relied on lovely and versatile brushes and textures from Vienna Blood.

I really hope that covers the bases. Because I have no idea what I'm doing, as if that wasn't painfully obvious.
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