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Masterpost is now split because it got too big for one post.


Adventures in Carpooling When Michael and Billy carpool to work, they end up getting more out of it than saving gas.

Adventures on One Wheel “A unicycle?” he asks in utter disbelief. (crack)

Afloat “Well, is it just me, or did we just get stranded at sea?”

Another World Four different men all wanting to make the world better, the only ways they can. (AU)

Bar Fights and Missions Because a bar fight is nowhere in the mission overview and he has no protocol and how the hell did Billy get involved in a bar fight?

Blanket Statements Michael discovers one of Billy’s more unusual pastimes. (crack)

A Breather in the Sky Michael just wants to save the world.

Bring Me That Horizon Rick thinks that a mission with pirates will be exciting.

Calculated Risks Rick doesn't have time to calculate the odds of survival at this point or to weigh the pros and cons of this course of action. At this point, all he has to go on are instincts and orders, and for once, those two things really seem to be working in tandem. (two parts)

A Change in Strategy They’ve had six good years and Michael would like to think they could have another six on top of that.

Checkmate There’s a reason Michael never wins at chess.

Choices Choices are easy; consequences are hard.

Dating Tips from Billy Collins Billy doles out lots of advice with a wink and a smile and he knows it’s all valid and true because it’s the opposite of what he does in his own life.

Day of the Dead This mission is cursed.

Decisions and Revisions (Which a Minute Will Reverse) But there's no time to think, no time second guess. There's just enough time to make one last choice.

The Dice Were Loaded from the Start Adele deserved better, much better than Billy. (Adele/Billy)

Famous Last Words It’s like it never happened most of the time. But in Rick’s dreams, it’s still the same. (Character Death)

Featherweight The object of the activity is to pick a weapon with which to defend yourself from an oncoming surge of terrorists.

Five Lessons Rick Learns Rick's always been an apt student in everything he does.

Five Pranks Casey Pulled Casey likes to think his pranks still offer some kind of trial by fire, and that his bemusement in the aftermath is merely a plus.

Five Times Billy Sings Rick gets to know Billy through his songs, understanding his moods and his mindsets from how and when he sings.

Five Times Billy Stabbed I’m more of a stabber, myself.

Five Things Casey Malick Hates Casey rarely has the patience to indulge foolishness, but sometimes he makes an exception.

For Each Other On his knees, Rick tries to remember how it came to this.

For Love of the Game Rick has to wake Billy up. (crack)

The Forest Through the Trees No single person can be entirely successful at everything he or she attempts.

A General Dislike Casey won’t deny that he has a general dislike for mankind.

Girls Night Out Fay, Adele, and Doris share a night out. (post Proof of Life)

The Grass is Always Greener Rick discovers the real beauty of Greenland.

God Complex Someday Michael was going to realize that this wasn’t his little universe to control. Someday something would throw him for a loop and he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. But not this mission. (13 parts)

Good Enough Adele can be difficult and annoying and tedious, but she’s also in love.

The Good News (And the Bad News) A joint mission with MI-5 teaches Rick a few lessons about being a spy--and about Billy. (three parts, has preseries speculation)

Happenstance When Billy Collins shows up at an anomaly site, there are more questions than answers for everyone involved. (crossover with Primeval, preseries spec)

Happiness is a Warm Puppy Injured and alone on a mission, Billy finds an unlikely ally.

Hopeful Fears The simple fact is that they’re miles from civilization, in some cabin with paper thin walls while the winter howls outside, and Billy’s lying on the only cot, burning up from the inside out.

If the Fates Allow (and Even if they Don't) “It doesn’t seem right, is all. A mission on Christmas.”

The Ill-Divining Soul They’re trained and skilled; to think their mission could be foiled by a common illness – it’s unthinkable.

Interagency Cooperation So how they ended up in Hawaii, defending cops who didn’t trust them, with their entire careers on the line is still a little mind-boggling. (crossover with Hawaii Five-0)

It's My Party It was Casey’s birthday. (pre series)

It's not the fall (but the moment after) Falling is easy. Landing can kill. But getting back up — it’s getting back up that’s the key. Cowritten with [livejournal.com profile] moogsthewriter

The Lament of Stars And Rick can’t forget. He doesn’t want to forget. (death fic)

The Last Lesson Lessons. Some easy, some hard; all things Rick needs even if he doesn’t know why.

Last Man Standing The ODS has never been about a name; it’s about the ideals of the people in it. (future fic)

Look Like the Innocent Flower With the team in crisis, it’s up to Rick to save them.

(Love or) Fear of the Cold Fay gets sent undercover and the results may change everything for her. (three parts)

A Matter of Luck Rick doesn’t need luck; he just needs his skills and his determination and this case will be over in no time. (three parts)

A Mother's Work She thinks of her Rick, making the world a better place, and those three men by his side, making sure he has everything he needs to get it done.

The Measure of Success A successful mission is accomplishing the objective and getting his team out.

(Mostly) Just Another Day at the Office Rick is introduced to another one of the ODS’ off the book cover operations.

Mumbled Prayers Casey can confront any foe, but there’s no way to fight this. (pre series)

Not All that Glitters Casey’s here by himself and he’s got a broken arm and is bleeding from a gouge in his side and he’s seeing double from a concussion and he’s really not one for optimism.

Oh Death Peril and/or death are ready consequences of a life in service of the CIA.

Part of the Plan Rick’s been focused on the goal for so long that he’s never let himself stop to consider failure. Never stopped to think about anything less.

The Perils of Being the Sorting Hat Rick speculates which Hogwarts House each team member would be in.

Picking Up Strays You never know when it’ll be you turned out and alone in need of some kind of friend.

Plan B Because they’re in the middle of the Canadian forest and they’re running from smugglers and Billy’s leg is caught in a bear trap and Rick’s not sure they’ve ever been this screwed.

Play On That just leaves Doris and Billy. And the guitar. (missing scene "Proof of Life.")

Playing to Win Casey doesn’t lose. Not even a little. Not even at all. (AU ish, possible death fic)

The Play's the Thing He was no longer Billy Collins, born and bruised in North Edinburgh, he was Romeo, a Montague of Verona, and that was all that mattered. (six parts, some pre series spec)

Practice and Perfection There are endless hours to fill in Casey’s life and he discovers that sometimes practice does make perfect. (preseries)

Prime Time Heroes It’s not like a fight Casey has been in before.

Quintessence of Dust Either way, Fay’s caught between love and pain, and she can take no pleasure in the way things are and the way she knows things has to be.

Rate Yourself and Rake Yourself Casey can control all the variable except his own emotions.

Reasonable Casey’s apartment seems totally reasonable. For the most part, anyway.

A Risk Worth Taking She remembers thinking, if this is a risk, then it’s a risk worth taking. (spoilers for Remote Control).

Sans Everything Billy lies for a living.

The Scotsman, The Mission, and the Concussion After all, one minute Billy’s checking a room, the next he’s plunging headfirst into a wardrobe, and then he’s waking up with snow in his face in a place he doesn’t recognize.

Silence is Golden (Sort of) Billy gets laryngitis. The team is less than sympathetic.

A Simple Thing Rick's down a hole, he’s hurt and alone, and the three people he trusts in this world to save him could be dead. (three parts)

Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance Sometimes you can’t outrun the past. Sometimes you have to face it. For the better, maybe. More likely, for the worse. (pre series spec)

Spooks of the Spooks That would assume that Rick believes in ghost stories, which is clearly not the case.

A Stab in the Dark Casey can only forgive so much stupidity in a day and Billy is testing his patience.

Staked Out Casey and Billy bond during a stakeout. More or less.

Still Breathing But Michael’s alone, lost in the desert with no phone, no backup. No anything. He’s probably going to die out here, and no one will ever find him.

A Stinging Reminder Of course, the fact that he was so enjoying that sense of a job well done was probably the dead giveaway of impending disaster. Still, Michael didn’t see it coming.

These Mistakes You've Made Maybe Billy’s been suffocating all along and he just never knew it until someone kindly tied a noose around his neck and started to squeeze.

Three Men and a Bed Three men; one bed. Lots of chaos. (pre series, crack)

To Sleep (Perchance to Dream) Billy needed sleep -- and a whole lot more.

Training Day You want Casey on your team but you never want to be under his authority during a training exercise.

Trial by Fire Because a trial by fire can go either way, and Rick knows which one he prefers now more than ever.

Trust Can Be Earned Michael wasn’t lying when he said trust could be earned in the Agency. (preseries spec, Pilot spoilers)

Two Months Because a lot can happen in two months. (Missing Scene Proof of Life)

Unconventional Training Methods Casey trains the team in a new combat technique much to Rick’s chagrin.

Uncovered Because Casey knows what he had to do and he knows what would have happened if he didn’t, but Casey still can’t forget.

The Way the World Ends It’s such a unexpected thing that Rick barely has time to register it before the entire mission just caves in.

Weekend Report Rick’s had a good weekend and apparently he’s not the only one.

Weird is a Relative Term Michael Dorest has weird hobbies.

When I Am Lost (You Have Not Lost Me) And Carson Simms is dead and there’s nothing Michael can do to change that. ( Pre series)

When We Collide When overwhelmed with Helen’s secrets and Cutter’s cold shoulder, Stephen turns to an outside source for help. The help he gets, however, isn’t exactly what he counted on. (Primeval crossover, 16 parts)

With All I Have “It’s okay,” Michael promises because it’s all he has. “It’s going to be okay.” With art from [livejournal.com profile] lena7142.

Primeval Fic

All of Our Ships are Sinking Maybe Stephen Hart’s death is a good place to start. (spoilers 2.07)

Anything (and Everything) If Stephen had known then, if Stephen had understood from the beginning, then maybe he would have made a different choice. (pre-series spec, S2 AU)

Five Times Helen Changed the Timeline Helen will create the right future, the best future, no matter how many times she may have to try. (references throughout S3, preseries spec)

Five Futures that Never Were After Stephen, after Claudia, after everything, Nick’s just lost too much of himself to worry about losing the rest. (references through S3 with AU-ness and preseries spec and various canon pairings)

Happenstance When Billy Collins shows up at an anomaly site, there are more questions than answers for everyone involved. (crossover with Chaos, spoilers through 2.07)

A Joint Decision Nick and Helen choose a lab technician. (preseries spec)

Shifting Equilibrium Guilt, like most other emotions, is something Nick has preferred not to deal with, and the idea of Stephen dying on his account is almost more than he knows how to take. (Tag to 1.02)

Starting Again Stephen’s would-be redemption is difficult. (Drabble series, post 2.07 AU)

Time is a Slow Sword Ignoring history means sacrificing the future. Of all people, Nick knows better. (spoilers through mid S3, canon character death)

Whatever Waits Beyond It’s not heaven, but it’s not hell. (spoilers through mid S3, canon character death)

When We Collide When overwhelmed with Helen’s secrets and Cutter’s cold shoulder, Stephen turns to an outside source for help. The help he gets, however, isn’t exactly what he counted on. (Chaos crossover, 2.06 AU and beyond, 16 parts)


Already Falling Stephen thinks he’s been given a second chance, a newfound grace, the opportunity to rebuild something better.

The Anatomy of an Apology Stephen knows how to apologize. (spoilers 2.07)

Armed and Dangerous Connor really wants a gun. (S2)

Belief There’s a chance to make things right. (AU 2.07)

The Club “Am I dead?” April wonders. (spoilers S5)

Clues Nick says they’re okay, but truly, he resents Stephen more with each passing day. (spoilers 2.07)

Discovery and Study He feared for the man’s sanity stuck at home with a recovering near-invalid. (AU 2.07)

Eons Good things come to those who wait. (AU post 2.07)

Gain Enough Stephen refuses the pain medication. (post 2.07 AU)

Hanging On I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. (S1, Connor, Stephen)

Introductions Stephen meets Nick.

Lost For eight years, they didn’t find Helen.

Making the Choice You have to make your choice. (pre series)

The More Things Change Stephen always knew this would destroy everything: that’s the thing that’s not different at all.

Mortified Pride This is why boys should read more Austen. (S2)

Most Things Most things in Connor’s job got easier. (post S5)

(Not) The Best Night Ever Helen's case will stay open. (pre series)

Never Leaving Cutter bows his head, pleading fervently as if in prayer, “Don’t leave me.” (2.07 AU)

One to Talk Stephen eyed Cutter’s ensemble, noting his hair in particular. “Is it meant to look like that?”

Perfect Company People underestimate lizards, but they’ve got intelligence and personality. (post S2)

Pieces When Stephen dies, he’s entirely ripped to pieces. (set in 2.07)

Promises“I’ll go anywhere with you. Anywhere at all.” (Helen/Nick, pre-series)

Ragged Wholes Still, they all show up – Connor, Abby, Jenny, Lester – telling him it’s okay. (2.07 fix-it)

Reasons to Live (Reasons to Die) It’s the motivating factor. (S4, Connor/Abby)

Shooting at Air Cutter always makes things sound so easy – teaching and research and Helen – but Stephen’s the one who finds himself doing the work.

Signs Stephen had his transfer papers ready, his key to turn in. (pre-series spec)

Split Second Decisions When a predator charges, taking aim for the head is an essential split second decision that makes the difference between walking away intact and not walking away at all. (2.07)

Sticks and Stones (and Bullets) We both know words still hurt. (AU for 2.07 and 3.03)

True Devotion Stephen learns what true devotion is all about. (more 2.07)

What Was (And What Will Be) Cutter and Stephen both try to move ahead. Set post 2.01. (drabble)

Where the Heart Is Over the years, others tried finding his heart. (2.07)

Merlin fic

Aim High, Shoot Low Maybe Merlin's a lot closer to hitting all the targets he's been aiming at than he thought. (set early S2)

Five Things Merlin Regrets He’s only just arrived here, only just started to find his place, but already he’s done so much. He’s made a difference, for Camelot, for Arthur. And yet, already, there are things he regrets. (spoilers through S4, canon character death)

Five Times Guinevere Saved Arthur Her heart fluttered, the adrenaline coursing through her. To almost die was one thing; to save the man so many dreamed of was entirely another. To protect the future of Camelot, was more than she could ever hope to aspire to. (spoilers S2, future fic, Gwen/Arthur, character death)

In the Name of Faeries Gwaine wants a beer, but if he ends up impersonating a faerie king representing the cause of leprechauns to enjoy it, then that’s perfectly acceptable for him.

Lay Your Burden Down Merlin and Arthur take a day off. At least, that’s what they try to do.

Winning Isn't Everything Saving Camelot was something indeed--overcoming Sigan was a mighty blow--but if he still failed to save Arthur’s life, then Merlin was not sure what it was for. (tag to 2.01)

Other Fic

All In Rusty doesn't need the big picture to know that something went wrong. Danny's simply not sure he wants to know the details. (Ocean's 11, post O13)

All That’s Left of You The Goblet knows who the champions should be, it knows who should compete, and who should watch. Somehow, it knows everything, all of it, even who Cedric Diggory could be. (Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire)

And All the World to Nothing This is his nightmare coming to life. This is everything he’s fought against. Only it's worse than he ever imagined. Because he knows that Nathan is going to die with him. (Heroes, post S1-finale)

A Beautiful Mess But now the ship was overrun, Reavers everywhere, and knowing where they came from and that it wasn’t their fault really wasn’t much consolation when they were attacking the blast doors and ripping apart the rest of the ship. (Firefly/Serenity, missing scene to the movie)

Black and White Kate can see the world in shades of gray, but it's still all black and white to Justin. (Fairly Legal, season 1)

Breaking the Surface Rick and Rachel figure out life together. (Phoenix Blue)

Brotherly Love Turk and Virgil have some issues to work out, a wedding to finish, and a huge debt to repay. Not necessarily in that order. Set during Ocean’s 12.

Choices Neal really didn't like guns. Needless to say, bullets weren't his friends either. (White Collar)

Chuck v The Gunshot It doesn’t really start with a gunshot, but as he’s lying on the ground, bleeding to death, that’s really the easiest place for Chuck to start. (Chuck, S4)

Cuts Like a Knife (and Bleeds on Through) Just a criminal hiding at a crime scene that Castle probably shouldn’t be at, a single stab in the dark, and slow and inevitable death. (Castle, S1, Castle/Beckett)

The D.L. And Hank was starting to get some really disturbing images in his head, which was more than enough reason to focus on one pressing issue at a time.  Safe sex lecture: much later.  The risks of underage drinking: as soon as he could fit it in.  Look at the bleeding hemophiliac: now. (Royal Pains, spoilers for Pilot, There Will Be Food)

Going Forward In Reverse When she’d last seen her mother, she’d already been killed. It had been the worst moment of her life. This, however, is coming in a close second. (Castle S1, Castle/Beckett)

The Hardest Part John McClane didn't think about winning or losing--in fact, he rarely seemed to be thinking at all in the last twenty-four hours. It was all survival mode, going from one point to the next, doing what he needed to do because he needed to do it. (Missing scene to Die Hard 4, based on the flight and landing of their helicopter ride.)

Just Another Mission Just another mission, she keeps telling herself. It’s been her mantra in the weeks since. It’s been her saving grace to get her back in active duty. (Covert Affairs, 2 parts, Post S1 finale)

A Little Unwell “I’m sick,” he says, as mournfully as he can. (Castle S1, Castle/Beckett)

One More Shot at Living Castle likes dangers, finds danger, craves danger, and he always comes out on top. He does. (Castle S1, Castle/Beckett)

Reasons It’s not the intel that matters most when Jai and Auggie embark on a mission together. (Covert Affairs, three parts, post season 2)

The Right Foot Danny’s first day takes a turn for the worst. (A&E, AU 4.01)

Square One And just when Morag thought she had something figured out, something new came along and threw it all entirely on its head, leaving her grappling desperately at square one all over again. (North Square, Johnny Boy/Morag)

Win-Win Sometimes it's not about making everyone happy. Sometimes there is a winner and a loser. (Fairly Legal, season 1)



Asylum icons for [livejournal.com profile] icons100spn 

Skin icons for [livejournal.com profile] icons100spn 


Cute!Dean icon post (Rory/Dean centric)

Small limp!Sam icon post

Sleepy!Sam icon post

100 Cute!Dean icons (Rory/Dean centric)

32 Royal Pains Icons from Pilot (multiple characters, Tucker focus)

32 Royal Pains Icons from "There Will Be Food" (multiple characters, Tucker focus)

White Collar icons for [livejournal.com profile] sendintheklowns

SPN Brotherly Love for Twinny on SFTCOL(AR)S

ITSPSW Icons and Banner for [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love

Large Multi-Fandom Post includes SPN (S3-S5), Psych (all seasons), Merlin (S1-S2), Hawaii Five-0 (1.01, 1.03)

32 H50 Icons includes eps 1.02-1.06, Danny centric, but all cast included

Christmas Gifts 2010 includes H50, Psych, Merlin, Supernatural, Ocean's 11/13, Twilight Eclipse, Covert Affairs

Oceans 13 60 icons

Multi-fandom post Includes H50 (Danny centric), Chuck (with Chuck/Sarah vibes), and Fairly Legal (Justin centric)

Primeval/Chaos 44 Primeval, 24 Chaos (Highly Stephen and Billy centric accordingly)

James Murray centric Icons 24 Primeval, 24 Chaos, 24 Misc. other roles

More James Murray Icons 60 Chaos, 12 misc.

And more James Murray Icons 28 misc.

James Murray again 32 misc.

Christmas 2011 Chaos, Primeval, Hawaii Five-0, Covert Affairs, Star Trek, North Square.

32 misc. James Murray Primeval, Phoenix Blue, Cutting It, Chaos, and It's Alive.

44 icons 28 James Murray (Chaos, Cutting It, Krod Mandoon, Phoenix Blue, Under the Greenwood Tree), 16 Sherlock (S1)

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